Crashes occur everyday 
                           on our roads....  

It can happen to anyone.  Whether you’re going on vacation or just down the road, no matter how far the distance and how much of an experienced driver you are, no one is exempt from a crash.  

Tell a friend or let your fellow drivers see you making the right decisions on the roads.   Your actions could save someone’s life.
What to do to avoid getting a ticket:

Don’t cut off semi-trucks.  For safety, one car length
for every 10 miles per hour of speed is recommended.

Don’t tailgate.  Unlike cars, semi-trucks have big 
blind spots behind them.  Also, car drivers who tail
gate semi-trucks can’t see traffic ahead.  If the semi-
truck brakes suddenly, you have no time to react and
 no place to go.

Don’t speed. Speeding is a leading contributor in 
car/semi-truck collisions.

Allow semi-trucks plenty of room. Be careful when 
you or the semi-truck are entering a highway or 
merging with traffic. 

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When cars and semi-trucks collide, cars get the 
brunt of it, no matter which vehicle is at fault. Semi-
trucks need at least twice the time and room to 
stop as cars.

Law enforcement is stopping people who drive 
unsafely around semi-trucks, whether the person 
is driving a car or a semi-truck.